NYPD Posted And Bragged On Twitter About Locking Up A Weed Dealer And Twitter Lashed Out At Them

Recently, the Twitter account belonging to the New York Police Department’s 106th Precinct in Ozone Park tweeted about a weed bust.

It was comical instead of heroic.

Sure, if they busted someone who dealt harmful and addictive drugs, they would’ve been praised. But seriously, marijuana? Come on guys; you can do better.

A photo was uploaded by the Twitter account, showing two police officers with small packets of weed, two machetes and a Monster Energy can. It was captioned “one less marijuana dealer on the streets thanks to Officers Sardone and Winter.” 

Check it out:


The Tweet instantly went viral.

Not because people appreciated the weed bust, but because they found it hilarious.


Priorities, man.


It’s debatable.


You can sleep in peace now.


It’s true.


I don’t understand why the Energy Drink is there, either.


Wrong platform, guys.


The tweets are oozing with sarcasm.


Ever heard of someone dying because of marijuana overdose?


You can brag when you’ve got El Chapo.


Come on guys, go easy on them.





Maybe they didn’t deserve this much criticism. They were just doing their jobs. The legalisation of marijuana, however, is another topic. What is your opinion on the matter? Comment below.

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