NYC subway bans dogs unless they ‘fit in a bag.’ Challenge accepted.

New Yorkers love their dogs, and there is no doubt in that. The pet dogs have become an essential and beloved part of many people living in New York.  These dogs are like a fresh breeze in their masters’ tough daily New York routine. These dogs are their best friends, little helpers, cuddle buddies and a lot more. The relationship is forever strong. When the city’s widely-hated MTA subway banned pets “unless they can fit in a bag,” the New Yorkers proudly accepted the challenge.

A Twitter user by the name of “C” posted different pictures of how the New York people responded to this ban. He wrote, “The New York City Subway banned dogs unless they fit in a bag and the people of New York did not disappoint.” It’s been re-tweeted more than 183k times. Take a look at the following pictures, and you will know why that Tweet went viral.

Big boy pants!

Smiling or gasping for breath?

Sailing in the subway!

And then people started posting their dogs-in-bags sight-seeings.


Looks like “The dog in the bag” is a family thing here.

You can’t really tell here “Dog at first sight.”

They nailed it with IKEA tote bag.

Can’t tell whether this Husky is confused or embarrassed.



On a bright side, this whole “putting your dogs into bags” thing helped NYC come together.

And for some this made to their bucket list.


Because New Yorkers love to savour the moment of saying a subtle and adorable “fuck you” to the MTA.





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