10+ Nurses Share The Most Crucial Secrets Of Their Lives That’ll Make You Cry In The Club

Being a nurse is not as easy as it seems.

A typical nurse sees so many things in a single day that sometimes it can be too much to handle and too much to comprehend. But, as an everyday routine, they get used to it. From seeing patients battling for their life and crying in pain to seeing their loved ones in agony, the life of anyone related to the health care profession can sometimes be too much to handle. But hey, someone has to do it, right?

Anyway, we have compiled some of the most crucial secrets shared by nurses about their everyday life that you probably didn’t know before. So, scroll on below and see what they face every day.

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Promises that sometimes cannot be kept.

“I’m a nurse. One of my critical patients was worried about his dog and the fact that he didn’t have any family. I promised to go get his dog. He passed away. I still have his dog.”

Wearing social facades and pretending everything is okay.

“I’m a labor and delivery nurse, and while I may seem strong when I’m with you, I will always sob hysterically in my car after my shift when I have a patient that loses a baby.”

Fighting some of the hardest battles of life.

“My first night as an Emergency Room nurse involved fighting to save my best friend’s life. When I said best friends forever, I meant it.”

Sometimes you just do the best you possibly can and let everything be.

“So I got “married” today. To an 8-year-old leukemia patient that died 3 hours later. She died happy, at least. Sometimes that’s the best a nurse can hope for.”

Taking revenge in the most professional way possible.

“I once pretended to miss a patient’s vein so I could stick them 3 times due to their bad attitude.”

Keeping a perfect balance between your job and your personal life.

I got ‘Nurse of the Month’… None of my co-workers know I rush home to smoke pot after work.

Keeping cool at all times because you have no choice.

“Being a nurse has made me hate people. I just saved my other patient’s life during a code but sure, keep yelling at me for forgetting your ice cream. That’s obviously more important.”

Talking about stuff just like normal people.

“Yes, we gossip about your private parts.”

Doing what needs to be done.

“I have never believed in God. But when a patient loses all hope, I don’t hesitate to hold their hand and pray with them.”

Perks of being a nurse.

“I’m a nurse. Last night I hooked up with a random guy at a bar. The condom broke, and I didn’t think much of it. Today, I checked him in as a patient for having an STD. Great.”

More perks of being a nurse!

“Now that I’m a nurse I look at men and think, “Wow. He has beautiful veins.‘”

What’s the difference?

“Nothing upsets me more than the term “murse.” Yes, I’m a man. Yes, I’m a nurse. Get over it, because I’m going to be your nurse. We’re all equal.”

Unnecessarily explaining yourself to others.

“I hate how people always say my tattoos and gauges are unprofessional. It’s not like they make me work less hard to save your life.”

Just stating the facts!

“I’m a surgeon, and after a good save, the nurses and I have dance parties and I have dance parties in the OR for our 3 minutes of celebration.”

Kids are precious, and you can’t tell us otherwise.

“My bosses say we nurses shouldn’t get emotionally attached to the kids we work with, but I think that’s a pile of horse sh*t. I love every single one of them.”

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