Cakes This Nurse Makes Are Creepily Accurate And Incredibly Unsettling That You Won’t Want To Eat

Allow me to introduce Katherine Dey.

Dey is a registered nurse in upstate New York, one of the most populated cities in the world. So you can imagine the kind of stuff she sees on a daily basis. I suppose they were the inspiration for the baking she does. No idea what I mean? Give me a bit, and you’ll know.

You see, Dey likes baking, and the stuff she makes is downright unsettling. Not just the detail that she puts in, but rather the circumstance and positioning too. What’s creepy about a baby cake? Well, when the baby’s naked and looks dead. That’s when it’s unsettling.

Scroll down to see more of her work, but warning: It’s not for the faint of heart!

Source: Katherine Dey

#1 She made a heart cake

#2 And this brain cake.

#3 The attention that went into making the spine is unreal.

#4 A goat head.

#5 She even made baby cakes

#6 And they are as uncomfortable as they sound.

#7 Even the brain goo!

#8 It’s not just babies, she makes adult heads too.

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