10+ People Using The ‘Nuclear Crisis’ To Get Laid And It’s Hilarious

Tensions Are Running High.

You might have heard that North Korea is running missile tests. On top of that, Donald Trump is threatening ‘Fire And Fury’. Yes, I am not sure why he used that phrase as this seems like he is talking about a video game.

So what do you do when there is impending doom before you? You apparently go to Tinder. You might as well have one last hurrah before nuclear war wipes us all. However, if you have a bunker, that is better.

#1 Thanks, Trump Indeed!


#2 Weren’t You A Lost Cause Already?

#3 I Thought There Was Only One Kind Of ‘Disaster Sex’.

#4 There Is No Time To Think. Just Do It Already.

#5 This Girl Right Here Has The Right Idea.

#6 Well That Is The Saddest Thing I’ve Ever Heard.

#7 I Am Guessing Many Serial Killers Are Going TO Profit From This.

#8 Should Everyone Be Messaging You Now?

#9 That Might Be Asking A Bit Too Much. Maybe Lower Your Expectations A Bit?

#10 This Sounds Like The Best Line Ever. I Am Sure It Will Work Wonders.

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