7 Insane But True Stories About Famous Movie Costumes

Movies are full of fantastic stories. Whether they are about brave knights, great battles, feisty women or epic love tales, their history are always amazing and make the audience gasp. However, some of the greatest and strangest stories can happen behind the scenes, and there are no stranger stories than the ones that surround these movie costumes.

These costumes are all iconic and unforgettable in their way but, after reading these stories, you may never look at them the same way again. These stories are all so crazy; they almost deserve films of their own.

#1. Jabba the Hut was a Bunch of Guys in a Sack

The design of Jabba the Hut, the slimy smoking space slug with a liking for princesses in bikinis, actually has a crazy story behind his costume that sounds insane enough to actually be in the Star Wars universe. Firstly, his design was first created using the torsos of Ken dolls (little bit human centipede really).

Filmumentaries – Jamie Benning

Then there were several people who had to work to control him. The puppet required two guys to get almost crushed to operate Jabba’s arms and mouth along with two more people controlling his face and eyes, and a little person in Jabba’s tail with a crank to make it wag. There was even one man who’s job was just to puff smoke to make it look like the giant puppet was high as a kite (which is probably what they all wanted to be).


There were in fact so many people in that one suit, it is claimed Carrie Fisher accidentally stood on one man’s head as she strangled Jabba. Now what would the union say about that?

#2. Mystique’s Costume made Jennifer Lawrence Smell Like Pee

When Jennifer Lawrence found out she was playing one of the most iconic X-men, the blue shape-shifter Mystique, she must have been over the moon. However, getting into character for someone who literally had blue skin and walks around naked is no simple costume change. Strangers have to paint your naked body blue for seven hours and that just seems… well pretty awkward.

20th Century Fox

Fortunately, she was given what she described as “a blue pantyhose” to make the job easier but it had one major problem- she couldn’t go to the loo in it. This meant that the only way she could relieve herself during breaks is by peeing standing up and that meant some got on the costume. Next time, you see X-men and feel like being harsh on her performance, just try to put yourself in her shoes- would you have done your best smelling like your own wee?

#3. Drunk ET was a Young Boy with No Legs

ET has always been remembered fondly as a magical movie for children but for one child; he actually got to play ET though he may not have been too happy about it. ET was a puppet usually played by a little person but sometimes they called in 12-year-old Matthew De Meritt who had been born without legs. His movements of using his arms to walk along with his size made him perfect for the role.

Universal Pictures

However, years later Matthew commented that he was mainly used when there was a scene where ET had to get hurt. This means that when ET fell over, was hit with a fridge door and acted drunk, there was a 12-year-old in there. Really makes watching it more uncomfortable than funny…

#4. Star Trek Uniforms Stank like Ass and Most Likely Showed Too Much of It

Star Trek has always been a franchise that looked towards the future but the stars of the early show with Patrick Stewart might have not wanted that to be true when they saw their costumes and not just because this was the 80’s. The director insisted on making the uniforms out of spandex to look as futuristic as possible but there ended up being two major problems with this. Firstly, spandex absorbs odour easily and after a long while, it becomes impossible to wash it all out. This means that after hours and hours of filming, all of the actors must have stank of sweat and there’s no way it could have improved.

CBS Television Distribution

Secondly, the director also insisted on making the uniforms a size too small for a sleek wrinkle free look. This just caused everyone to get back problems and this was only changed when Patrick Stewart was urged to file a lawsuit by his chiropractor. That would have been an interesting case to file…

#5. Marlon Brando’s Costume In The Island Of Doctor Moreau Was Apparently A Scheme To Skip Being In The Movie

Marlon Brando was always one of Hollywood’s most eccentric minds but sometimes he went to very extreme lengths. The man already had some very crazy ideas for the movie adaption of HG Wells novel, such as having a personal dwarf and suggesting he should be part dolphin, his costume was quite possibly the wackiest of the lot. He showed up on set wearing a pair of sunglasses and his face painted white- had he gone nuts? Well, maybe not.

New Line Cinema
New Line Cinema

Many, in fact, reckon, this was Brando’s way of easily getting out of filming as his stand in could easily just don the same and do his acting for him. One man was even banned from the set for questioning Brando about his decision. Well, you know how creative people get…

#6. Robocop’s Suit Nearly Derailed the Whole Movie

It’s tricky to imagine Robocop without his iconic metal suit beating bad guys- which is why it’s crazy to think the franchise was nearly killed by the famous suit itself. The suit was designed by Rob Bottin but that wasn’t enough for the director Paul Verhoeven. He wanted something based on designs from Japanese comic books but he ended up hating the designs that came out of it, admitting he screwed it all up. This meant he had to pick the original suit and this put the production months behind schedule. This meant that when the suit finally turned up, actor Peter Weller not only had to shoot a scene in it which he wasn’t happy about but he also had to assemble it.

Orlon Pictures

As the designer was still pissed and wouldn’t come to the set, the crew had to try and assemble it themselves which took over 11 hours. Then, when Peter reasonably complained about working under these hellish conditions, he was fired on the spot. It was only the fact that the suit had been tailor-made for him that made the director hire him back and then the movie went on as before. Hopefully with a lot less problems…

#7. The Original Alien Suit Had An Actual Human Skull In It

Yeah, you did just read that right…  The Alien suit was the work of Swiss artist H.R. Giger whose paintings also had a major influence on the film. He worked personally on the suit and in a video of his creative process, he can quite clearly be seen adding a human skull.

20th Century Fox

When asked about it, Giger answered “Don’t ask me where I got it” which only raises more questions about how the heck this was allowed (there must also be a spirit somewhere that can’t believe it is somehow part of movie history). That wasn’t the only weird thing used as the creature’s lips were created with condoms. And if that isn’t an image to get you in the mood…

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