Noticed The Uncanny Resemblance Between Baahubali & The Lion King? The Internet Did

Bahubaali is being applauded by India for it’s achievements and originality. The movie really is different from usual Indian films with a very different plot and story.

However, the movie might not be as original as you thought it was.

I knew I was getting a Lion King vibe throughout the entire film! And I’m glad to say; I’m not the only one. The movie had some scenes that resembled Disney’s Lion King a lot! Maybe it was inspired by it?


Twitter noticed it, too:




And this hilarious comparison of Bahubaali and Simba:



Here’s why we thought it looked similar:

#1 The introduction, holding the baby up.


#2 Scar.

#3 The clever old man.


#4 The main characters weren’t raised by their real family.


#5 The timing of the love story.


There’s nothing wrong with gaining inspired from something. Even The Lion King was inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

 Anyway, Bahubaali was an amazing movie overall!

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