Guys Deduced That There’s Nothing Gay About ‘Marrying For College Money’ & I Can’t Stop Laughing

It’s not gay if you’re a guy and marry another guy, okay.

Just two bros chillin’ in the hot tub five feet apart cuz they’re not gay.

So, two guys, who are evidently straight and not at all gay even a little, had a wonderful little conversation about getting married. And it wasn’t a joke or anything, they seriously thought about getting married, and their reasoning proves how two guys who care about each other and are willing to get married are totally not gay.

Source: https://imgur.com/gallery/6hUqkImgur

#1 It starts off with a question, as it always does.

#2 And they were really doing it.

#3 They’re even planning a honeymoon.

#4 But unfortunately, they’re going to cheat.

#5 They won’t even get a lawyer.

People had a lot of stuff to say.

Whatever you have to tell yourselves…. I’m just happy you found each other.

40 years later “then we decided it helped our taxes, and made insurance cheaper, made it easier to buy a home together and adopt our kids”

My husband was my best friend and i married him so he could get fafsa. We ended up falling in love and are still married 5 years later.

If I had known I could marry my best friend and live with him to pay for college… there’s just… so many wasted years…

“…we’re just two guys being dudes. Gettin a divorce” that’s the gayest thing i’ve ever seen.

What did you think about what they said?

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