10+ Cat “Drama Queens” who should be nominated for the Oscars.

Being a cat owner is probably the best part of your life as they give you that soft cuddles and because they keep you entertained with their never so ending drama. Yes, we all know that cats are no doubt the “Drama Queen” of the animal kingdom. Cats are quite moody, and they never keep themselves not to overreact to situations to give a full exposure of their moods. Nevertheless, cats amuse us with their superior acting skills and who know that their spectacular display of emotions and feelings can one day be formed into a whole new acting industry.

While you wait for that thing to happen we have compiled a list of spectacular examples of cat reactions and maybe you can nominate some of them for the Oscars! Over to you guys 🙂

1. Discovering Snow

funny cat reactions

2. Excited on a Road Trip

3. Too Dead To Work

4. This cat evidently hates that dog

5. Never let go, Jack!

6. Baby take me with you!

7. Yikes!

8. When you start loving your dog!

9. Before and after looks of a trip to “The Vet.”

10. When did this happen!

11. The return of the “Cat Bath.”

12. Looking at the ceiling fan go “round and round!”

13. The Dark Knight!

14. Nothing can keep us apart.

15. The stages of going nuts.

16. You dig me?

17. I know what you did “just now.”

18. Pure Drama!

19. O come on! Let me in!

20. Damn you, you perv!

21. A Sunday cat!

22. Help me when you can!

23. Not so happy with the rescue.

24. Look into my eyes when you say you don’t love me!

25. Ta da!

26. Ahhh! Forget it…

27. What the hell!

28. Who unplugged my charging iPod!

29. Reacting to a newborn competitor.

30. Drama Queen!

31. An overreaction when looking at the river for the first time.

32. Woops!

33. I don’t wanna live!

34. You can’t see me!

35. Mission Accomplished!

36. Don’t leave me for her!

37. How could you eat my ice cream!….

38. Please let me in I surely am a good cat.. now.

39. Let the Bath begin…

40. What happened to Christmas!

41. And of course the usual bath drama…

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