Everything Becomes 100% More Beautiful If We Put Nicolas Cage’s Face On It, Here’s The Proof

As we talk about the world-class actor Nicolas Cage, who doesn’t know him?

He’s known to be one of the most versatile actors ever. I have been watching his movies since I was a kid and I swear, this guy never gets old. He just keeps improving himself. His facial expressions are priceless. Be it a good guy or a bad buy, Mr. Cage knows how to become that character.

However, this article isn’t about how amazing an actor he is because, of course, we don’t doubt that. This is about how his facial expressions can fit into every character and it’s probably the funniest thing you would ever see. People just love photoshopping Nicolas’s face with other characters. Starting from a pregnant Demi Moore to Nicolas Cage as Trump, it will make you laugh your ass off.

Here’s Mr. Cage as Demi Moore. Not bad.

Expressions are right on point. Trump Cage.

Game of Thrones fans would know about this guy. Peter Baelish.

That almost looks real.

Nicolas needs to reduce some weight.

Mr.Cage looks magnificent.

Madonna would disapprove.

No, Kirsten Stewart is expressionless. But this is so much better.

Mr. Cage as Mike Tyson.

This is oddly satisfying.

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