Artist Edited Nicolas Cage’s Face Into These Pokémon Characters & It’s Hilarious

Pokémon and Nicolas Cage?

Do you like Pokémon? Do you like Nicolas Cage? Well, congratulations, this is your lucky day because you get to see both of them in ONE SINGLE POST. Yep, that’s right. This artist put Nicolas Cage’s head in some of the Pokémon characters and you’re gonna love them!

It’s somewhat weird though, but it’s pretty hilarious too.

So for all the Pokemon fans, enjoy!


Charizard Cage

Alakazam Cage

Mew Cage

Bulbasaur Cage

Those expressions!


Nicholas Cage Bull.

Charizard again!

So, did you like any of these? Oh, I’m sure you did! Share your favorite one with us!

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