This Photo Of Nicolas Cage In Kazakhstan Is Now A Hilarious Meme And Twitter Has It’s Meme Game On Point

You’ve probably never visited Kazakhstan.

Neither do you know who its President is. Or what their culture is like. Do you know what they wear? Do you know what language do they speak?

Neither does Nicholas Cage, or at least his face says it.

The most random thing just happened; Nicholas Cage was posing with the first lady in Kazakhstan, and Twitter turned him into a meme once again.

Why? Just look at his face!


He’s a symbol of friendship now.


Twitter immediately reacted by posting hilarious memes:


Check out his stylish clothing.


And the trolling continues…



There’s a possibility.


Behold, the world’s most awkward photo.


Why. Won’t. He. Smile?!



Sure looks like it.


This is so accurate.



Maybe he just zoned out.


Then they put him in different places. It fits!


Whatever it is, Nic contributes a lot to our memes, and we should be thankful to him for that!

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