Nice Guy Goes Crazy After This Woman Rejects Him On Tinder

To be honest, I am tired of all the “nice guys”.

There are whole reddits about these guys who are apparently so nice that they think they should tell others about how wrong we are for rejecting them. While I am aware that there are “nice girls” too. today however, we will pay attention to the male gender.

I am sure you must have read many posts like these but trust me, this is something else. I have had first hand expierence with guys who think we are stupid for rejecting them and that all girls like to go for a**holes.

So scroll on below and take a look at what this guy did when a girl rejected him. You see, they didn’t match on Tinder, but apparently he thought he ‘deserved’ it or something. To be honest, I can’t make sense of his nonsense.

Source: Twitter

Yes, this is the conversation that happened.

As you can see, He was not willing to just let it go and get on with his life.

Apparently he was ‘curious’.

He also thought that it was her loss.

This was really something.


Unsurprisingly, people had many of their own expierences to tell.

And there were many comments.


Or maybe he is aware but really desperate.

I guess many people just don’t learn from their mistakes.

Now that I think about it, it is somewhat hilarious.

Do you have any of your own expierences to share? If so, comment down below and let us know. By the way, he has deleted his Instagram which is probabaly a good thing for the world.


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