Guy Sends His Date Infuriating Texts After Finding Out She Had Cancer & It’s Outrageous

It’s a pretty commonly accepted notion that has been surrounding us all our lives that the world is a cruel place. Full of despair and destruction. And the cruelty that lies within a few people is what makes it worse.

Some people are just heartless, cruel and insensitive. They make you feel rage in ways you probably didn’t think you were capable of feeling rage in. For example, this guy, who sent his date infuriating and outrageous texts after finding out she had cancer.

So this guy is basically uncomfortable with the fact that she had cancer.

He actually asked her if it was safe for them to be in an intimate relationship. He asked if he could speak with her doctor.

He insisted on speaking with her doctor anyway, even after she told him that cancer does not work like this.

And was very adamant about it too.

He made her feel awful about beating cancer. What even, dude?

But, this woman knows her worth and knows very well that she deserves to be with someone who admires her for her strength.

Doesn’t it all just make your blood boil?


I would love for him to go back to his buddies and say something along the lines of how they broke up because she had cancer and was worried he’d catch it and have them all stare at him like he just grew a second head.


Can you imagine a relationship with someone like this? Get married and you’re all happy. then say you get cancer. “.. I can’t believe it … how could you get cancer and ruin my life .. You are going to to give me it. how could you” I literally don’t know how I would even respond. If he ever gets it, he will probably blame some 1 night stand


he couldn’t even say “cancer” what a loser

What a loser!


Yeah seriously, kudos for being so patient with such an unbelievably stupid person. Did he drop out of school in the first grade or something?


Boy oh boy… You were way more patient with that guy than I would’ve been.

I had Hodgkins Lymphoma like… Almost ten years ago, and if I had heard someone suggest that they could potentially catch it from me, I think I’d immediately write them off as not being worth a second thought..

I mean there’s a LOT of ignorance in that assumption… And it’s not on me to fix that.

Also for some reason I have no patience for people calling it “your condition” or “the C word”. For fucks sake, you’re an adult speaking to another adult… You’re not trying to talk about penises and vaginas with a six year old who asked where babies come from.


Is stupidity contagious? Asking for a friend.

PS. Congratulations on your remission, OP!


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