The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At This Newspaper’s Front Page Headline Fail

If there’s one thing you can always count on the internet for, it’s grammar nerds.

They’ll always be happily ready to take up copy-editing duties. And the services are absolutely free! Lingering deep in the dungeons of the Internet, these grammar nerds don’t miss a chance at proving that they’re better than you. Although a person’s time can generally be spent more productively elsewhere, people just love catching grammatical errors.

However, some grammar errors are so deplorable, calling them out would be doing the world a favor! Like this unfortunate front-page headline that somehow made it to the front page of Cambridge news:

“100PT Splash Heading Here.”

And the Internet can’t stop laughing at this newspaper’s front page headline fail:

It was an especially excruciating sight for journalists, and they couldn’t help but point it out – calling it a marketing strategy:

Nonetheless, Twitter users also predicted the future of this journalism frenzy:

The paper went on social media to apologize for the error later that day:

As did the editor in chief:

But, at the end of the day, shit happens!

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