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People On Twitter Hilariously Defame Newborns For Being Lazy And Useless

People On Twitter Hilariously Defame Newborns For Being Lazy And Useless

Newborns sure can be lazy.

I mean, I’ve been called lazy a few times, and I admit that I am not the most active person on the Earth, but one thing is for sure, I am much better than a newborn. Yes, I just compared myself to an infant and I am not proud of myself.

If we are being honest, other than looking adorable, all newborns do is cry, poop, eat and then the cycle begins anew again. Well, we aren’t going to let them get away with this laziness anymore! As people are coming together on Twitter to rally against newborns.

I 100% support this movement, and I am not afraid to say it. So scroll on below and take a look at what people have to say about newborns.

Source: Twitter

This is the Twitter user that started it all.

#1 Maybe they can, but don’t want to?

#2 So basically robots.

#3 Technically, they are nine months old.

#4 Thank you for the graphic image.

#5 Even though they need a diaper.

#6 They take clingy to a whole new level.

#7 Very true.

#8 Do they think we are all mind readers?

#9 The most important thing!

#10 That sums it up.

#11 So just like cats?

#12 No alcohol tolerance at all.

#13 None of your stupid language here.

#14 We have rights too.

#15 Always sleeping except when its night.

#16 Do they even know what trust is?

#17 Just tell me what you want.

#18 They are so picky on top of that.

#19 Suffering from social anxiety perhaps.

#20 Have to pat them on the back every five minutes.

#21 Instagram models do not deserve this.

#22 Their poo definitely reflects that.

#23 Hands not working properly.

#24 ‘You wanna fight?’

#25 Newborns are weird, okay?

#26 Hold your neck yourself.

#27 Taking everything away and still not happy.

#28 I’ll be fine with even 6 hours.

#29 But I love potatoes.

#30 Can’t dispute this.

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