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10+ Hilarious AF Tweets About New Year's That'll Have You Laughing Your Way Into 2018

10+ Hilarious AF Tweets About New Year’s That’ll Have You Laughing Your Way Into 2018

New Year yet again!

A perfect time for new beginnings and new resolutions, you must be feeling this, right? While it is nice to have all these vibes, resolutions can be a very tricky thing. We can always aim, but we can never be sure about how will it go in the future.

Do we expect too much all of a sudden from ourselves or are we too lazy to change our priorities? As the year goes by, we figure out the problem and then think again to do it by the end of December. But more often than not, the cycle keeps on repeating for the majority.

Anyways, in case you’re making resolutions again, we have something which you will enjoy while thinking about your’s. We have compiled some of the most hilarious resolutions people have on Twitter for their New Years. This will remind you that you’re not alone and there is a world full of people who leave everything for New Year. Here it goes:

1. His problems are not even updated


2. My “move on” means completely move on!

Twitter: @JayStewartPhoto

3. Happy New Year, you fool!

4. Such resolutions.


5. Kiss needs hard work, not New Year


6. Oh, please!


7. Some habits die hard, dear.


8. You should experiment this for self-satisfaction


9. 2017 came all guns blazing for her


10. Just stop. Simple!

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