The New Cards Against Disney Game Is On Sale And Ready To Ruin Your Childhood

$5 for Cards Against Disney? Take my money

Say goodbye to those old boring game nights and play this amazing game right away with your friends and relive your childhood! The makers of this awesome card game are now reducing its price down to only $5 for this holiday season!

‘Cards against Disney’ is essentially the same as ‘Cards against Humanity.’ Actually, Its an unofficial parody version, so if you liked playing the latter, you’d love this one too. However, this is an 18+ players game only as it has NSFW content and is full of inappropriate adult humour.

With over 800 cards, you can make tons of different combinations and have a good laugh with your mates. From “Booty and the beast” to “making Pinocchio lie while he’s eating you out,” the game has many unique and interesting combinations that you will never forget.

So, call your friends, shuffle those cards and get down to business. Because you know what to do!

The following are some of the sample cards from the actual game.

A glimpse of how the combinations will look.

This is too much!

Childhood ruined for sure.

The white cards are almost limitless!

Right now, the game is only available in digital format which means you have to print out the cards yourself. But hey, look on the bright side! You don’t have pay for shipment, and you can have the whole game right now for only $5 from this website.

So, share this with all the Disney fans you know, tell your friends, select a date for the game night and have the time of your life! Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

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