Girl Learned The Hard Way That Why You Should Never Cry After Getting A Spray Tan

Do you like tanning?

If you do, then you probably know how important it is to follow all the necessary steps required for it. May it be Sun Tanning or Indoor Tanning they should always be done appropriately.

Most people, however, these days prefer using Tan Sprays. They are safe to use, efficient and above all save you the precious time that you would otherwise be wasting by laying inside a tanning bed.

And just like with any other thing, a special set of instructions must be followed when using a tanning spray. These instructions clearly tell you what and what not to do after getting the spray. Saloons offering spray tans usually provide all the necessary information there is. For instance, it tells you exactly how long you should wait before taking a shower, wearing clothes, etc. Also, another important thing is that you should never cry after getting a tan.

But unfortunately, there is this girl named Alex that learned it the hard way.

If you are wondering what I mean by “the hard way,” then scroll down and see for yourself!



As you can probably see the tears made her skin look all stripy and double toned.


She posted these pictures on twitter.

More pictures.

And then some of the people shared their own stories.


While others gave some tips on how to remove it and made some jokes to lighten the mood.

So if you are facing similar problems then you should try these techniques.



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