Women On Internet Shared Responses Of Their Little Brothers When Asked How They Look & Got Roasted

Life Tip: Never ask your brother how you look

Though your brother would give you an honest answer, the chances are he will say you look like sh*t even when you don’t. There’s no rocket science here, that’s just how brothers are. If you have a brother and if you’ve asked him this question before then you know precisely what we’re talking about here. However, for the rest of you who don’t have a clue what’s it like asking your bro for a little girl opinion then scroll on below and see what the following girls have shared on the internet.

The following screenshots are clearly the most accurate representations, and there’s no doubt about it. Take a look!


Lance knows what’s up.

Well, that’s quite straightforward.

Brothers in a nutshell.

That’s definitely something my brother would say.

This one sounds honest.

I laughed at this one more than I should have.


“Buggy eye zumbitch.”


Each response is better than the last.

This is so accurate. Smh.

I can live with this one actually.

Before > Better.

Want a good laugh? Text your brother a picture of yourself.

One true opinion only.

Is that really what I think it is?

Normal is good, I think.

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