New Netflix Horror Movie Veronica Is So Scary That Everyone Is Switching It Off In The Middle

Ouija Boards are always a no-no.

I mean haven’t you ever seen a horror movie? Yet these kids always play Ouija boards thinking that no one is going to hurt them. Well, let me tell you it always ends badly. And the scary as hell movie Veronica is a proof of that.

You might have thought that you don’t get scared or no movies are ‘really’ that scary. But trust me when I say this, people are literally switching off this movie mid-way. And it has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Need any more convincing?

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Veronica is actually a new horror movie on Netflix. The main plot is actually that a bunch of schoolgirls try to summon the spirit of their dead friend using an Ouija board (First mistake) and on the day of solar eclipse no less!

The movie has it all.

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From scary breathing noises to stuff moving around. (I know that doesn’t sound scary, but it really is in the movie’s context.) This movie is actually Spain’s response to the popular movie Conjuring. 

The movie is directed by Paco Plaza.

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Véronica premiered last year at the Toronto International Film Festival before Netflix scooped it up.

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The general review is that it’ll scare the bejesus out of you.

And people are also praising the actors.

You might wanna get a Netflix subscription asap.

Because people are shaken

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