Painfully Hilarious Twitter Thread Of Nerdy School Stories Totally Nails What Being A Nerd In High School Is Like

Were you a nerd in high school?

Don’t worry if you were since there is no judging in this safe place. Why is that you ask? Because I can 100% relate to the pain. But we all know all the nerdy kids grow up to do amazing and ‘cool’ things in life.


At least that is what we sometimes tell ourselves, so we don’t have to face the truth. The truth being that we are still doing the things we did as kids. However, at the end of the day, we have fun, and that’s what matters, Right?

So when a Twitter user Sarah Woolley asked people to share their nerdiest school stories, many people obliged and you’ll never find anything more beautiful since this thread is the safest haven for all the nerds.

Sarah Woolley started with one of her own confession.

I can see why.

Who wouldn’t like that!?

Many people joined in, and that warms my lonely heart.

Can you ever read too many books on ancient Rome!?

I would have definitely come.


The teacher was certainly intelligent. 


Wait, what!?

That’s just..wow.


That’s adorable.

I can’t agree with the no shoe thing though.


That is an important job!


‘Saving the world’ club apparently.

I have no words.

Bringing toys is boring.

Doesn’t sound nerdy at all.

You certainly stuck with it longer than I do with anything.

Now, that sounds like a good time.


Me too.

Have any other nerdy stories to share? Comment on below and let us know!



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