Neighbours Bashed This Woman’s Christmas Decorations But She Did Not Get Intimidated That Easily

We wish you a Merry Christmas; we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

There’s always a catch to Christmas carols. What’s the catch you ask? Well, they are always merry, of course! Have yourself a merry little Christmas. It’s not a Christmas carol if it’s not merry. Because it’s either merry or it’s not Christmas. However, author Diana Rowland thinks otherwise. It seems that she doesn’t quite vibe with the jolly essence of Christmas. And that’s why she decided to decorate her yard with three large and colourful dragons instead of extravagant Christmas baubles and bulbs. But her neighbours didn’t quite buy the idea of her untypical decorations.

Rowland tweeted a photo of the letter she received from a disgruntled neighbour alongside a dragon holiday set, and it went viral for obvious reasons. The cherry on top, her response to the letter is also applaud-worthy! Because dragon enthusiasts don’t get intimidated that easily.

Via Diana Rowland

“Dragon holiday display got fan mail!”

The letter.

“In the spirit of neighbourhood harmony.”

People were supportive!

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And dragons carrying menorahs, to be considerate of neighbours of other faiths and traditions.

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Adding a few more dragons wouldn’t harm anybody!

Because reindeers can’t fly!

Rowland was ecstatic after receiving all the support, she believes “Christmas season should be about joy and charity.” Therefore, she urged people to donate money for a better cause in the name of her dragon army.

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