National Delicacies Around The World That Just Seem Too Weird For The Rest Of Us

Vegetarians and vegans, be warned!

While I respect everyone’s choice to eat whatever they want, these ‘delicacies’ seem a little too out there even for me. Don’t get me wrong, people of my country eat a lot of weird shit too.

Okay, so maybe I am being judgmental. Maybe these dishes are one of the most amazing things ever. So let’s leave our judgment behind and take a look at many of the national delicacies around the world.

Scroll on below and take a look.

#1 Smalahove from Norway.

#2 Basashi from Japan

This is basically sashimi that uses horse meat.

#3 Chapulines from Mexico

Yes, those are fried crickets.

#4 Durian from Thailand.

#5 Zwiebelmettwurst from Germany

That is raw minced pork served with fresh onions and bread.

#6 Cuy asado from Ecuador

This is a grilled Guinea pig.

#7 Sea egg from Barbados

This is a sea urchin and can be enjoyed in many ways raw with a bit of lemon or fried.

#8 Mopane worm from Africa

This is basically an edible caterpillar.

#9 Balut from the Philippines

I am sure many of you know about this since it is basically a developing duck embryo.

#10 Arroz de cabidela from Portugal

This looks quite normal but do you see the gravy? Well, that is chicken’s or rabbit’s own blood.

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