Parents On Twitter Are Naming Their Kids After The Reason They Had Them & It’ll Make Your Sides Hurt

Who ever thought to name a kid Emily?

Why not ‘Faulty Military Birth Control’? I mean, it’s so much more entertaining. Just ask Bunmi Laditan, the person behind the wildly popular “Honest Toddler”.

Which has now been changed to “Honest Toddler’s Mom.” And yes, it is just as amazing as it sounds. You see a few days ago she tweeted about what would the name of our kids be if we named them after the reasons they were born.

The answers are just as hilarious as you thought they might be.

It’s not surprisingly that the twitter feed was soon filled with weird names that sometimes didn’t explain the whole story.

Too many to count.

I would love to know the story behind ‘taco truck fight’.


That is definitely a mouthful.


I am guessing it didn’t turn out to be that fun?

Who would want to give their kid a boring name if you’ve got these!?

I’m surprised that was easier.

You learn something new everyday.

I can see why you would want to go to the liquor store.

The celebrations didn’t end as planned did they?

Would love to know the stories behind these names!

What about your kids? What names do they have? Comment on below and let us know!

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