15+ Times Internet Hilariously Nailed What Being A Lesbian Is & It’s Too Real

Being a lesbian could be fun if you weren’t bombarded with dumb questions by straight people all the time.

“Only girls?” “Are you and your girlfriend interested in a threesome?” It’s the same old questions by different people. I mean, how hard is it to grasp the fact that I only like people with vaginas? How is that even complicated?

However, some people still don’t get it. So, here are some posts that will make you understand what it’s like being a lesbian:



#2 Girls are just so precious.

#3 Straight people never influenced me.

#4 Its a woman’s world.


#5 Threesomes.

#6 The fidget spinners tho.

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#7 That’s an incredible bond.

#8 We have cookies.

#9 What great friends!

#10 Just friends.

#11 You have no idea.

#12 They all look the same!

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