Girl Tried To Pass Off Myrtle Beach As The Bahamas And The Internet Caught Wind Of It

There are always cases of people trying to show themselves to be bigger than they are

Photoshopping bigger muscles, making their skin smoother, and creating a sharper curvature, or putting on so much makeup that it’s essentially a mask on your face. All of these things are dishonest, more or less, and the internet never shies from shining light on lies. Can you imagine what would happen if someone photoshopped himself with Megan Fox and pretended it was legit?

He’d be the roast of the day.

This Myrtle Bahamas incident started with this iconic video of clear waters by Bahama beach.

And this girl thought she’d get away with saying it was Myrtle Beach

People immediately started asking questions

Others parodied her with proof


Or took artsy dirty water pictures to mock it

Others were even clever

She also backtracked as fast as she could to save some face

Twitter: @23Mullikin

Moral of the lesson, don’t make stuff up on the internet


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