Muslim Lawyer Savagely Schools White Supremacist Who Asked Why There Is No ‘Christian ISIS’

This is Qasim Rashid

Rashid is an author, and has published three books. He’s also a American Muslim and a public defender of Islam. He has discussed principles and philosophies with people of different backgrounds in the past. Most recently, he had a conversation with a white supremacist.

As you may have imagined, it didn’t turn out so well.

It’s like the follow-up to a bad joke. “The supremacist asked the author ‘Well, what about the Christians?'”

And honestly, even though I feel as if I keep myself educated on both sides of any conflict, Rashid absolutely schooled him and me.

Shots fired.

He posted it on Twitter and got overwhelming support.

It has almost 80K Retweets and over 140K Likes. His response went viral dramatically. As time went on, he further elaborated in the thread of the Tweet.

Pastors agreed with him

Christians also agreed with him

Because, in all fairness and truth, every religion has extremists. And they have more in common with each other than the religion they say they follow. The only proper remedy to all this is a proper education. That way we can look beyond each other’s practices and ideas and actually get somewhere.

Take a page from Rashid’s book. Learn Christianity from Christian scholars, and learn about Islam from Muslim scholars.

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