Musician Shares Conversation Between Client Who Tried To Pay With ‘Exposure’ And It’s Too Outrageous

When you become famous, you get a lot of fans and love. But with great fame, comes great responsibility.

You have to pick your moves wisely because a single move can destroy your image within a second. You will meet a lot of fans but there will be haters too, who would want to ruin your image and degrade you in front of people.

Anyway, here’s a story about a musician who got offered to play a gig but the client wanted it to be pro-bono. Well, that’s not always a bad thing but there’s a way to ask, and you don’t have to manipulate stuff in order to convince others. It’s entirely up to the other person if he wants to do it or not.

However, the musician decided to share the conversation between him and the client. Let’s take a look at it.

He started with compliments, which are acceptable.

Here, the client raises the point of playing the drums for him!

He’s willing to fly all the way from Germany to play drums for him

See, he made his point regarding the rate, this should clear things up.

But why exactly did you think he would do it for free? Why would you assume stuff on your own!?

For the love of music!? Is this guy for real? That is so annoying tbh!

So, he politely refused the offer. Simple.

Unprofessional!? How exactly? Plus, you should stop trying to be clever and manipulate his words!

But where exactly did he say he would do it for free? Again, assumptions.


Now, that’s called emotional blackmailing! I’m glad that he didn’t fall for it.

So, you see, you should not assume stuff on your own and try to destroy someone’s image. The musician never agreed upon doing the gig for free. The guy assumed it himself and then tried to be clever and manipulate his words. People can be so annoying.

Have you met someone like this?

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