Someone Made Motivational Posters Out of Tinder Messages From Fuckboys & They’re Hilarious

This Is A Genius Idea.

I mean who ever thought of making fuck-boys tinder messages into motivational poster is an amazing human being. Who needs ‘You’re beautiful’ poster when you have “Totally would smash your fart pipe”? These next gen posters will surely make you feel much better about yourself.

Not all of the language is friendly. They’re fuckboys, what do you expect?

#1 Well, Thanks?

Via Instagram: @tindernightmares / Flickr: hisgett

#2 Why Choose One? Why Not Choose Both?

Via straightwhiteboystexting.org / Flickr: lox

#3 That Makes Perfect Sense.

Via straightwhiteboystexting.org Flickr: frontierofficial

#4 Mother? Now I Am Confused.

Via straightwhiteboystexting.org Flickr: sebastiandjafarphotography

#5 Tanks, Makes Me Feel So Much Better About Myself.

Via Instagram

#6 Were You Going To Suck Half?

Via Instagram

#7 Sounds Like A Great Conversation Starter.

Via Instagram

#8 That Is Really Deep.

Via straightwhiteboystexting.org

#9 I’d Rather Not, Thanks For The Offer.

Via straightwhiteboystexting

#10 Squidgy?

Via straightwhiteboystexting

#11 What Is Your Face Made Of Then?

Via straightwhiteboystexting
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