A Mother Educates People After One Woman Calls Her 2-Year-Old Son ‘Repulsive’

This was supposed to be another regular day.

Dallas Lynn was shopping at Walmart for groceries with her two-year-old son Jameus. They were just simply waiting in the checkout line, when Jameus wanted a hug from her mom. Just like any good parent, she obliged. In the process of this cuddle, his stomach got exposed.

That’s when things really got messy and she had the following awful experience. She shared it on Facebook as soon as she got home and the post has almost 70k likes now.


A regular day turned into something awful.

Via Facebook

Her Facebook story went viral.

Via Facebook

However, rather than feeling angry over the incident. She did something about it, and tried to educate people. Many people like to assume things these days and hurt others by doing that. She took the confrontation in stride and didn’t let the women’s comment get to her.

She soon started to get positive comments. As it turns out, many people hated the older woman and praised the mother for how she handled the situation. Parents all over the world supported Dallas Lynn and her two year old.

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People were just as surprised as me. It’s truly a wonder that anyone could shriek at such a cute child. She didn’t even know his story and yet she call’s him repulsive? Sorry, but you’re more repulsive, lady.

He’s a brave kid. Going through so much pain every day and yet still is able to smile. We should all learn something from him.

Her story inspired many people.

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Her mother tried to educate people rather than just hide. It’s hard enough to live in this world where everyone is judging you. Now, these people are setting their eyes on kids too?

Whatever happened, the truth is her mother was awesome. It truly shows how much she cares for him and that’s all he could ever ask for.

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