Mother’s Rant About How She’s The Only One Who Takes Care Of House Is Something We All Can Agree On

Taking care of an entire house by yourself is tough.

The key to a healthy relationship is compromise. If you’re a compromising person, the relationship can go on forever, either way, one has to make the compromise.

However, if you think love is enough to spend your entire life, that’s just wrong and very unrealistic. Imagine having four children, and your husband slowly starts becoming an asshole by not fulfilling his responsibilities and leaving the entire burden upon you. Wouldn’t you get extremely frustrated and mad?

Of course, it isn’t like every man does that. It would be very wrong to generalize. It’s a two way-cycle, so, therefore it goes both ways.

So, Constance (Mother of four), decided to take it up on social media to share her frustration and how she has to handle everything on her own.

See, that’s exactly what happens when you start being specific and you still don’t get the response you’re supposed to. You get frustrated.

“These nutcases are my world.”


After Constance’s post went viral, there were so many ladies who could relate to it!


While some just wanted to ignite the fire even more.

Then we see these “Happy Couples,” who have absolutely no issues in their life, apparently!

Parenting win, indeed.

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