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Mother Shut Up Kat Von D As She Said She Will Raise Her Unborn Child Vegan And Without Vaccinations

Mother Shut Up Kat Von D As She Said She Will Raise Her Unborn Child Vegan And Without Vaccinations

Kat Von D is a popular tattoo artist.

She’s also pretty well known in the media because she starred in quite a few different shows, started her own makeup line, and she’s gotten herself quite the following. Lately, she made quite the ruckus with the announcement of her pregnancy as well as to raise her unborn child vegan, without any external influences. Influences like vaccines.

Obviously, people had a lot of thoughts on it.

Kat Von D

She claimed that there were intense ridicule and judgment about being vegan.

Kat Von D

Her post caught the attention of many, and there were a lot of supporters.

Kat Von D

Calling it “bombarded with unsolicited advice”

She said she was prepared for the backlash.

And that she stood by her decision.

She’s made her choice.

And she isn’t going to let anyone tell her otherwise.

No amount of unsolicited criticism is going to affect her.

But she’s willing to accept support.

People were proud of her.

They supported her in her goal to listen to no one.

There’s a lot of people saying it’s her choice.

But one mother and beauty blogger had other ideas.


Her name is Caroline Hirons.

She told the gut-wrenching story of her son.


The paramedics worked hard on him to keep him alive.

His fever lasted a week.

Her son had mumps.


He was a 23-year-old healthy man. What if he was a baby?

She says they’re arrogant for calling it a choice.

Dan is spreading the message.

Other people didn’t agree.

But Caroline didn’t care.

There was support for Caroline in droves.

They don’t understand risking someone with such a disease.

A weak immune system can be damaging.

People loved her story.

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