How A Mother Would Handle “BBC Dad’s” Tricky Situation

Recently, a hilarious video of Robert Kelly getting interrupted during his BBC interview by his children went viral. People loved the flustered response of the embarrassed father, who is seen panicking and trying to push his first child towards the toys and books behind him. He wears a defeated look when his second child comes stumbling into the room; it’s made people hysterical with laughter.

But how would a mother have handled the situation? Mothers are experts at multitasking; they are literal superheroes when it comes to balancing work, the kids and household chores. New Zealand’s Jono and Ben recently made a video about how a mum might have taken the whole thing in her stride and continued being the crazily efficient woman that so many mums are. Sometimes, it can seem like mothers can do everything from talking about politics, to cooking roasted chicken, to diffusing a bomb. In this creative and insanely funny video, she literally does.

The power of the working mum must not be underestimated.

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