Mother Of Newborn Gets Drunk After Over A Year Of Sobriety And Discovers A Superpower

You ever had a drink after a long day to cool down?

Just to relax a little, and have your nerves cool down. It’s exactly what you need, right? What if your long day happened to last over a year? Because that’s what happened with this mom. She’s a new mom, her baby is only seven months old, and ever since she found out she was pregnant, she stopped drinking wine.

Almost a year passed, and she finally decided it was time for a drink. How many do you think she got down before she got tipsy drunk?

One glass. One glass of wine, and she was done for. The family was all laughing and cheering, and they decided that it’d be a great idea to get some pizza to go with their wine. It was here at this moment that the new mother discovered her special power. Pizza tossing.

She threw the pizza from across the room like some kind of frisbee, and it landed perfectly in the oven. The family, from the giggles and wine from before, started laughing unbearably. The mother even fell to the ground clutching her sides! See for yourself.

She’s got skills!


People couldn’t get over it because the family’s laugh was so enjoyable.

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