This Mother Gave Her Daughter’s Room To Their Dog & We Can’t Stop Laughing

Ever been replaced by someone you love?

What if it was your parents? And they replaced you with someone you loved? Like your dog.

That’s what happened to freshman Maddie (@MaddiMini4) at Texas A&M University once she came to visit her mom. A few months into her education, and her room had been converted from “her” room to “Nina’s” room.

#1 She looks so cute in her room!


#2 Twitter didn’t side with her though.

#3 They were happy that Nina got the room.

#4 She deserves it.

#5 And so much more!


#6 This is the exact opposite of a problem.

#7 Maddie’s room wasn’t changed. It just switched owners.


#8 Some were jealous of her.


#9 But some actually felt her pain.

#10 Hey, it’s not great, but it could be worse.


Maddie’s told Buzzfeed:

Originally we bought the dog for me, it was my Christmas present. Ever since we got her, my mom has been completely in love. Nina is literally her third child.


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