Mom Thought She Found Drugs In Her Daughter’s Bedroom But She’s Hilariously Wrong

Parents are just so damn innocent sometimes.

I mean, that is the only explanation I can come with for the following incident. While I understand that they are after all humans and humans make mistakes but why is it that our parents always assume the worst about us?

That is exactly what happened in the following texts. When a daughter was out and about and asked her mother to get something from her room through texts, things got a little interesting. How, you ask?

Well, her mother found something surprising and as expected messaged her about it. So scroll on below and take a look as to what the mother found.

Source: Imgur

I think her mother found more than just a black calculator.

I don’t know about you, but that is clearly not black, and neither is it a calculator.

And rather than waiting for her daughter’s reply, she went off on her.

To which she responded with this.

Yes, those are not drugs at all.

Who would have thought, right?

So what lesson did we learn here? Well, first of all, we should never assume anything. But the main question here is why did her daughter buy these? We will never know.

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