This Guy Live Tweets The Most Millennial Breakup Ever

What’s worse than a breakup? A breakup!

As far as breakups go, they’re the shittiest thing on the planet. If breakups aren’t already hard enough, then millennial norms have made them a living nightmare. And if you think breaking up over text is the worst thing ever then you’ve not seen anything yet; As we present to you the worst millennial breakup of the millennial era.

Via tattoosandbones

So here’s how the worst breakup of all times went down. It all started with a high-pitched voice screaming a horror movie scream that can only be described as blood-curdling.

On interrogation of a young woman, a screaming voice, apparently male, replied “I dropped my phone!”, which scared the shit out of this curious young woman. FYI, this young girl and male are basically in a relationship.


However, things escalated to a whole new level when it turned out that the waterproof phone was covered with sh*t in the toilet.

The girlfriend, however, had a wonderful solution of flushing the toilet enough times for the phone to be clean enough to be scooped out of the toilet and washed.

But what this girlfriend didn’t understand was that this guy was only sh*t scared because he was facetiming another girl on the phone.

And this guy thinks Facetiming another girl in the bathroom is not cheating.

Moments later a car door slammed and the car took off.

This is what you call a Kali-level, multi-handed, karmic backhand.

Here’s some picture evidence for all those non-believers.


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