7th-grader gets ‘Most Likely to Become a Terrorist’ Award

With the recent awful attack in Manchester, terrorism has never been a more prominent threat.

Children have been killed, and people have been injured. It’s a devastating and inhumane act of cruelty. But people are known to be scummy, and there is apparently more than one way to go about it.

And none succeed more than the teachers in Lance Cpl. Anthony Aguirre Junior High School in Houston.

In a large list of tasteless and offensive certificates, there was one known as “Most Likely To Become A Terrorist Award”. Yes, this actually happened. A bunch of people typed this up, printed it, signed someone’s name on it, laminated it, and presented it to a class of 7th graders.

7th graders. 

Lizeth Villanzueva was shaken by the event.

“It was not a joke,” The thirteen-year-old said. “I do not feel comfortable with this… I do not feel comfortable being in the same classroom with [the teacher].”

There were others, such as the “Most Likely To Blend In With White People” award.

It was given to the sister of Lauren Easton, that said there were other awards like these like one who bestowed the ‘honour’ of being “Most Likely to be Homeless in Guatemala.”

The school administration has, since then, issued a public apology.


The main argument against it is that it was supposed to be satirical. Funny.

The mock award ceremony happened a day after the Manchester Bombing.

One day after.

Lizeth recalls that the teachers just laughed and giggled before signing the certificate and handing it off to her. The mother was furious. Ena Hernandez, the child’s mother, was distraught, disturbed, and deeply furious.

“I was upset and very mad when I saw the award,” Hernandez said. “I was surprised because my daughter has been doing well in the honours program.”

What do you think? Should jokes be jokes, or was this too far? Was it fair to punish the teachers, or is that a narrow line?

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