College Snapchat Thread Just Blasted The Most Iconic Cheating Drama & We’re Here For It

 What’s more entertaining than watching a cheater get exposed?

There is probably nothing quite like it, especially if the whole internet is united and every single person is busy roasting the culprit. This is precisely what happened to this guy on buckeye snap after someone uploaded a screenshot of his where he can be seen talking to his “other” girlfriend.

What happened afterward is just totally hilarious.

Scroll down and enjoy!

This is how it all started.

This created a lot of confusion.

Within a short period, this picture spread like fire, and people on the internet went crazy. Since the name of the user was cropped out and only the words AJ could be seen, all the people with the same initial demanded that the uncensored version of the picture be released.

Members of the AJ community did not sit quietly.

The perfect timing, indeed.

Soon all the AJ’s started demanding transparency from the original sender of that photo.

The unanimity on the issue can be clearly seen.

Finally to everybody’s demand, the original sender uploaded the uncensored picture, and that’s how the internet caught the real culprit.

 The uncensored picture.

After AJ Schwab was exposed everyone who was familiar with his story began roasting him brutally, and a hilarious meme war started on the internet which is legendary!

This is just hilarious.

 People clearly enjoyed this.

Aj Schwab was roasted by pretty much every person on The Buckeye Snap.

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