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Girl Sent A Three Paragraph Essay To Her BF And He Had The Most 'Boyfriend' Response Ever

Girl Sent A Three Paragraph Essay To Her BF And He Had The Most ‘Boyfriend’ Response Ever

Best way to make your girlfriend shut up?

Nowadays, couples talk all the time. Day in… day out. One partner could be more contentious than the other. They might not be understanding at all or the other way around, but life is a roller coaster for most.

Just a few days ago, this Twitter user going by the username @XOashh_ shared with the world her boyfriend’s reply to an ongoing argument via texts. It was only a 5-word reply to change the subject as she showered him with an essay of 3 paragraphs. But as most of us know, boyfriends simply like to avoid reading our long texts.

Here’s the screenshot of the texts posted by the girlfriend on her Twitter account. Saucy, right?

Seems like he knew just the right thing to say to get his girl silenced. JC Penny towels? Seriously, though? He could have thought of clothes or heels or make-up but… Oh well, at least he’s considerate enough to let her know about the huge sale on the towels.

This person’s advise might just help her in the long run.

Why would someone be this creepy towards someone in complete stress?

Everyone’s shocked! JCPenney’s selling big towels for two bucks?

How rude. Taking her boyfriend’s side would have made her angrier.

She must be thinking of removing the tweet as these people only care for $2 BIG TOWELS not her feelings. Huh.

Way to hurt someone’s feelings, people. *Claps*

There… she knows about this guy’s lie as one of the JCPenney staff members told everyone that there was no “$2 Big Towel” on sale!

I wonder what the outcome was for the boyfriend after reading this. Happy dating, people!

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