7 Reasons Why Mosquitoes Bite You More Than Everyone Else

Everyone Has Experienced Itchy Little Red Bumps On Their Skin.

However, rather than calling them itchy little red bumps, we call them mosquito bites. I, personally, have also been victimized by mosquitoes. No, I am not even kidding. My body is always filled with mosquito bites and I never even know when I got them. Anyone else relate to that?

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So I have always wondered what makes my blood so appealing to these tiny blood suckers.

Well, it turns out; there are many things. After taking a look at these, you’d never have to be victimized again.

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#1 The Amount Of Carbon Dioxide You Exhale Is A Big Part Of Making You Appetizing To These Buggers.

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So it means if you are pregnant or have a larger body mass. You will produce more carbon dioxide which in return means you will end up with mosquito bites all over you.

#2 A Higher Body Temperature Is Also A Big Factor In The Amount Of Times You Get Bitten.

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Again, if you are pregnant or have a larger body mass, you will have a higher body temperature.

#3 If You Have A Blood Type O, You Are F*cked.

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No, I am not making this up either. There was actually a scientific study behind this. However, this study was never repeated so I’d take it with a grain of salt.

#4 The Study Also Explained That Some People Secrete Chemicals Through Their Skin That Indicate Their Blood Type.

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There is no way to check though. Yes, I tried. Couldn’t smell my blood type on me. Some people, however, do not secrete the chemicals at all.

#5 The Microbes On Our Skin Also Play A Huge Factor.

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To put it simply, we all have unique microbes living on our skin. They are even more than our actual skin cells. So our unique composition of microbes is what makes us susceptible to mosquito bites.

#6 Exercising Is A Big No-No.

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Why? because exercising makes your body temperature rise and also secretes lactic acid. And apparently, that makes us that more susceptible to mosquito bites.

#7 Never Drink Beer.

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Nobody is clear as to why drinking beer makes you more appetizing to mosquitoes, but it does. So I’d rather not drink it.

So, We Shouldn’t Drink Beer, Exercise, Get Pregnant And Maybe Change Our Genetic Code Along The Way. Sounds Easy Enough.

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Or Maybe We Can Use A Mosquito Repellent?

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