10+ Morons Who Are Too Stupid But Tried To Look Smart

Apparently, people take “Can you be any dumber?” as a challenge.

The Internet never fails to surprise you with its stupidity. Every time you think you’re done with the internet, another idiot shows up. So we are here to help you facepalm till it physically hurts.

Check out these morons who are incredibly stupid but tried to look smart:


#1 Date, please.

#2 This guy wants to know about old jersey.

#3 You mean socks?

#4 Ufell from it and lost your brain?

#5 Shit, man. Girls have elbows?

#6 We all know how long.

#7 Yeah, you’re in the 60%

#8 Yeah, test it by sending her to the sun.

#9 Should’ve taken his shades off.

#10 S.T.U.P.I.D

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