A Moron Treated His Date Horribly And Threatened Her, Off Duty Cop Overheard And Gave Him Taste of Justice

  • By Asad Tipu
  • August 12, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

Dates can either go really well, or really badly.

Everyone has heard of someone who went on a date that seemed promising at first, but it’s nothing short of a horror story. Like going with a guy who didn’t brush his teeth, a girl who didn’t shower, or a self-proclaimed nice guy, or even a girl that tried to rape her date at the end, saying “no means no only when I say it.” That last one is actually true, you can even find the texts.

But that’s a different story. This one involves an unlucky girl, a sleazy date, and a hero good Samaritan.

It started with a thread on Reddit.

Someone asked, “Women of Reddit, what was your worst ‘nice guy’ experience?” And this guy came in to talk about one of the coolest things he had witnessed. Dirtbag meets swift, brutal cop justice.

And people loved him for it!

Cops making people feel safe and relaxed, that’s exactly how you should feel.

Girls are happy that there are people out there willing to save them from dates like that.

Confirmed, the cop is Batman.

It’s a legendary story.

Standing up for what’s right and necessary is a necessity nowadays.

Source: Reddit 

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