Bring Outer Space To Your Bedroom With These Gorgeous Lamps

I have never come across anyone who doesn’t think that space is beautiful. That the shapes, structures, and vision of the planets, their moons, craters and all, isn’t gorgeous. So, one Rome-based Italian astrophysicist realised it would be a great way to raise money for animal shelters.

Maria Elena, the astrophysicist, makes these lamps out of recycled garden globes, and decorates them by hand using non-toxic paint. That means that no two globes are exactly the same, but she uses scientific pictures as reference to make the globes resemble the actual moon and planets as much as possible.

Besides our moon, other planets such as Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, etc are also available. They range from $70 to $110 or so. And until recently, all the money she made went to charity.

So, if you’re looking to bring outer space to your room, look no further, Pulsar Moonlight has your back.

“Every moon has six layers, each to give a different effect,” said Maria Elena.

“To make one moon takes about 4-6 hours of work”

“I use outdoor/garden globes (recycled or upcycled), that I hand-paint with non-toxic materials using scientific pictures as a reference”

“For the planet, it takes longer because there are more layers and, in some places, the color is very thick so it dries very slowly”

“NASA often releases new images, so I have to study them and change my paintings according to new discoveries”

“It’s like the real moon you see up in the sky: you can tell the depressions, the craters, etc”

“Until now (I started 2 years ago), every single penny I earned went to charity”

“I try to help any kind of animal, but, so far, I rescued only dogs and cats”

“At the moment I live with 8 adult cats”

“Every day, before painting, I do my yoga practice, to give to the moon a good vibe and energy”

“As an astrophysicist I am quite rational, but I believe that…people can feel I have put my best efforts to give them something positive that can spread joy and peace”

You can buy your own Pulsar Moonlight lamp here.

All credit where it’s due: www.etsy.com


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