This Mom’s Reaction To Beyoncé’s Coachella Performance Will Leave You In Splits

Who doesn’t love Beyoncé?

After all, she is the queen of R&B music!

Beyoncé is not only known for her singing but also for her acting and not just that; she has been performing in different dancing and singing competitions ever since she was little.

The past weekend was a hit as Beyoncé performed at Coachella and brought her fans to worship her completely. Yes, she was that good! She even got Destiny’s child to join her in the performance. Finally!

It’s not just her performance people are praising but God, did she look absolutely stunning! This was a total package, and the whole world is going to remember this for decades to come.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Watch the video posted by a fan here.


As I said, Beyoncé left her fans in complete awe, Natalie Parker’s mom went totally crazy while live-streaming the whole show and started texting her daughter every little detail about it. Now that’s worth reading!

Even though she received no replies from her daughter, Natalie’s mother, in all her excitement, didn’t take a hault.


LOL, the comments these ladies pass on every teeny tiny specification.


And then there is that issue. Man, she’s got stamina!


After much efforts, Natalie finally replied and was convinced about Beyoncé’s performance.


After reading Natalie’s post, people on Twitter went fanatic over her mother’s excited messages.


Relates to almost everyone.

…had us all

True that.


It’s true. For those who didn’t watch the performance, after reading the texts, it was as if they were right there.



Seems like everybody was annoyed by that.


It pretty much made most of us tear up.

A true gem.


Surprisingly, some people forget to sleep.


Tell her yourself!


So Beyoncé will be performing again next weekend and I’m sure Natalie’s mom will be watching again. So maybe we’ll get to see something amusing like this again.

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