Mom’s Before And After Pics Prove The Scale Means Nothing

Taking good care of your health is a great thing. But unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation and misconceptions out there when we try to get in shape. We are always concerned about the reading on our weight scale but guess what it really doesn’t matter.

To prove that a fitness blogger and a mother of four, Adrienne Osuna has gone under a complete body transformation and believe it or not the weigh scale just showed a difference of two pounds. Adrienne believes that we should stop obsessing over our weight and start focusing on how we look and feel in our bodies instead.


As you can see the before and after shots that she has definitely logged in lots of gym hours and she has got the big guns to prove it.

This transformation has got her a beautiful body but surprisingly her weight s almost the same as before. She has proved that for a healthy body its more important how our bodies move and function rather than the readings on the weigh scale. She believes that for a healthy body you have to put in the necessary hard work and you cannot rely on the severely advertised fitness “shortcuts.” She says, “I DID NOT use anyone’s products to do this. In fact, I didn’t even diet to do this. This was all hard work in the gym lifting heavy weights and intermittent fasting.”


Everyone knows that muscles weigh more than fat. Osuna just replaced the bad weight with the good one.

It explains the same weigh scale readings in her “before and after” conditions. Osuna shared her fitness story on Mama of Four Getting Fit. There she explained that when she started power lifting, she immediately fell in love with the sport. She even participated in her firs competition last year. A heavy lifting routine of four times a week shredded the unnecessary fat and out put on the beautiful muscles. While she was posting photographs of her fitness journey on social media, a lot people showed concerned about not losing her weight. So she decided to share her fitness story to prove that there is more to weight loss than what the scale says.


If we really want to get healthy we should focus to improve our bodies and how they function, rather than obsessing about what the weigh scale says. Who cares what the number says, we don’t have to wear it as a badge. As long as we are working hard to improve our bodies as a whole with a healthy lifestyle, the “number” really doesn’t really matter.



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