This Mom Took Every Last Thing Out Of Her Son’s Room To Teach Him A Lesson He’ll Never Forget

Being a mom is hard.

It is a divine and lovely gift but it’s even more demanding. As you love your kids, at times they can be a real challenge to deal with. So you have to take a hard stance sometimes. After all, you can’t let them know they can go through your makeup and ruin everything.

While kids are harder to deal with, being the mom of a young adult is perhaps the hardest part.

It takes the most careful approach to deal with your young adults. Teenagers are going through a trying time and can easily get upset. You have to be extremely careful when dealing with them. But there is a difference between being upset and being disrespectful. A fine line should be drawn.

Ideally, you should be their best friend but at the same time, it’s your responsibility to discipline them for their own good.

We are sharing the story of a mom who was equally shocked and devastated by her son. Instead of letting it go she stood up to do some parenting.

That reality hit me smack in the face recently, when my oldest child crossed the line in a big way. Now, there’s a huge difference between things getting a little out of control, and the universe screeching to a halt, taking you by the shoulders, and yelling “DO SOMETHING BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!”


She called her friend seeking help on how to discipline his kid. Her friend suggested a crazy and simple idea;

Take every single thing out of my son’s room. Empty it out completely, while he was at school, and explain that he was going to have to earn back his belongings, one by one.

It was so simple yet a so brilliant idea to teach the potentially uncontrollable child.

It was shocking, really, how simple the idea was… Was that because it was crazy? Would it work? I was desperate enough to find

So she got to work.

I left my child with a pair of pajamas and one school uniform. Everything else — every poster off the walls, every book, every single LEGO … E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G — was packed away. His room echoed

It takes strength to raise strong kids.

It was one of the hardest things I’ve done as a parent, but I also don’t want my kid to end up in military school. This is the time for him to learn the hard lessons, when it’s safe. After all, it takes strong people to raise strong people.

Not only this was a shock to her son but to the whole family,

My mother-in-law looked at me like I had two heads. My friend’s mouths dropped open when they heard. My husband was in awe that I literally took everything out of our son’s bedroom.

When the child arrived home, it was a blow to him.

He was then explained the “House rules” that he had to follow from then on to earn his things back. At first, the young adult had a hard time struggling with the situation but the mom had the most pleasant surprise when she saw a positive change in her child.

Once the initial shock wore off, he took his punishment surprisingly well. As long as he shows self-control, kindness, and respect, then I will continue to slowly return his stuff. He studies these rules every day and we all talk about what they mean. I see him struggling, and I praise him for trying to do better. I see the internal battles. I know them well.

Even though she was harsh, he learned a good lesson.

The world needs super moms like that.


Your thoughts?

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