Badass Mom Takes Final Exam While In Labor And Passes It With 3.5 GPA

What lengths would you go to get a good GPA?

Kill someone? Rob a bank? Shoot yourself in your own foot? They all sound pretty tempting for people who are obsessed with graduating with a good degree, but the reality is bitter. There’s no short-term answer. It takes years of hardwork, through thick and thin, and a perfect image would be this.

Yep, that soon-to-be-mom was in the hospital because of her pregnancy, and yet wouldn’t stop studying.

She is a sophomore student at Johnson County Community College in Kansas City, and her name is Nayzia Thomas. The baby boy was named Anthony Johnson, and he was born on December 12 at 1:30 PM. But things got worse for her. Not only did she go through labor, she also experienced major bloodloss.

But if you think that’s going to stop her, you have another thing coming.

There isn’t anything Nayzia Thomas is going to let stand in her way. Not anything. She’s a hard worker, and in the summers, she holds down three jobs to pay for university. She’s an absolute machine!

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