Mom Steals A Stroller From Another Mom At Disney, Attempts To Sell It On Facebook

A trip to Disneyland is supposed to be a great experience, one you will treasure with your family for years and one where you will make some precious memories.

However, for one mum her experience left her shocked and upset after her stroller was stolen by another mum – and then was shockingly found up for sale.

Lauren Collazo of Miami, Florida was enjoying her family trip to Hollywood Studios when her Bugaboo stroller costing $1800 was stolen from one of the park’s stroller parking lots. Lauren’s wallet, car keys and her niece’s Epipen were on the stroller when it was stolen, and she stated that the theft “ruined everybody’s day at Disney.”

“I was there with no money, stranded,” she said. “My husband had to fly over from Miami that same day, catch the first flight available to rescue me and my family.”

When Disney staff looked through the security cameras, they spotted a woman pushing her own child in Lauren’s stroller. A screen shot was put up on Facebook asking anyone with information to get in contact – and to their surprise, someone did, saying that they had tried to buy the stroller.

Thalia Rogers from Texas had attempted to purchase the stroller online for $500 but at the last minute, the seller bailed, and it never arrived. “[The thief] somehow, I guess, found the post that Lauren had posted, and I don’t know if she freaked out or what happened, and she called us and said send it back to her. So, I didn’t even get the stroller,” she explained.

The seller, Michelle Craig had made a request to UPS to return the stroller, after it was already in transit and after Rogers had paid for the stroller. When Rogers then got in contact with Lauren, her reaction was instant, “She’s like ‘Oh my God, it still has the clips on it, it still has the tie wraps where your name was on it, do you recognize it?’ I’m like absolutely,” said Collazo.

Image via ABC Action News

The stroller’s current whereabouts are unknown, and the police have issued an arrest warrant for Michelle Craig who is suspected to be the woman in the video and, according to police, is linked with several other stroller thefts at the theme park.

This story is an example of why you should always be careful at a Disney park – while most people are there to have fun, others will still want to exploit you. And as this family found to their cost, it can sometimes ruin what was supposed to be a magical day.

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